Table of content:
Step 1: Creating a Bever account
Step 2: Installing & login in the Bever App
Step 3: Authorizing & adding a device to a network
Step 4: Adding devices to a group and sensor sharing
Step 5: Device settings

Bever App - Assigning a smart license
Bever App - Creating a site and assigning a map
Bever App - Video Guide sensor sharing
Bever App - Service Partner 

In this chapter, we describe how to start the process of on-site commissioning. Note that some of the steps are optional

1. Power on devices all device

To get started with configuring your devices, make sure all devices are powered on first and you are situated in range of at least one device.

2. Search for devices

The Bever App will directly start searching for compatible devices. Found devices will be listed under the 'Uncoupled' header, see Figure 1.

If you haven't found all your devices, and want to keep searching, press the play button

This will make sure you will keep the already found devices.

When the circular arrow is clicked, already found devices will be lost and searching for devices is started from scratch. 

3. Authorizing a device

To authorize a device, tap on the device button, or if you want to authorize all devices in the ‘uncoupled’ list, tap the ‘authorize’ button.

Not authorized

If a device status is ‘NOT AUTHORIZED’, it means that the app did not receive a response from the device. This happens if the user didn’t send any request to authorize yet, or the connection is lost while authorizing. It can also happen when the user is trying to authorize a device that isn’t compatible with the Bever App yet.

Other device authorized

If another device is already authorized, you need to reset the device by turning it off and on again.

To retry authorization, you can tap the device button or the ‘authorize’ button.

Reset needed

In case the button shows the status reset needed, the device needs to be reset in order to be authorized. A popup will also be shown which explains how the device can be authorized.

Figure 3. A device authorizing.


Figure 4. The reset explanation dialog

After the device is authorized, it can be added to a network.

4. Adding a device to a network

To add a device to a network, tap on the device button, and click on ‘Create new network’

Figure 5. Device is selected

Figure 6. Network dialog

With the new update it is now possible to directly set your devices to both a network and a group. This will save time on the initial setup, especially if you have multiple devices to configure:
MediaMedia Media 

Click on next and apply to add the device to a network, or if wanted, change the network to another id.

After the network is saved on the device, the network page will open and show the device in the created network.


Figure 7. Network overview