Table of content:
Step 1: Creating a Bever account
Step 2: Installing & login in the Bever App
Step 3: Authorizing & adding a device to a network
Step 4: Adding devices to a group and sensor sharing
Step 5: Device settings

Bever App - Assigning a smart license
Bever App - Creating a site and assigning a map
Bever App - Video Guide sensor sharing
Bever App - Service Partner

An internet connection is required in order to complete the instructions in this manual. If you encounter any problems please contact your Bever Innovations sales representative or contact Bever Innovations support (

Creating a Bever Account

A software license is needed to use the Bever App and Bever Dasbhoard. A license can be purchased via your Bever Innovations Sales representative. In your order confirmation email you will find an ‘assign licenses’ button. Click this button to assign the license to a new account. 

Click ‘create your account here!’, and fill in the form with your user and company details. After confirming the email with an activation link, a new account is created.


Figure 2: Login website 


Figure 3: Create a new account 

 When your company is new to the Dashboard you have to create your company in the Dashboard. Give in the                 

    company details and select 'Create company'

If your company is already known in the system and you just wat to get access to the dashboard, use the 'Send request' option. You company admin will receive a notification and can grand you access to the Dashboard.

Figure 3: Create company

Fill out the company details. Name, address, zip code and city and your account is ready.