Table of content:
Step 1: Creating a Bever account
Step 2: Installing & login in the Bever App
Step 3: Authorizing & adding a device to a network
Step 4: Adding devices to a group and sensor sharing
Step 5: Device settings

Bever App - Assigning a smart license
Bever App - Creating a site and assigning a map
Bever App - Video Guide sensor sharing
Bever App - Service Partner

In this section, we will guide you through the process of configuring settings for a single device or multiple devices on your network. Whether you're managing devices within a group or all the devices on your network, you can easily access and adjust their settings with a simple tap.

If you want to configure settings for multiple devices simultaneously, click the gear icon within the device overview.

If you are in the group tab,  you will also find a "Settings" button available.

Changing settings for multiple devices is only applicable when configuring the same type of devices. Attempting to configure different types of devices simultaneously will result in an error:


Before proceeding, ensure that the data you are working with is up to date. Click "Get data" to fetch the latest information


You can now modify the settings available for the device:

When you make changes to a setting, a yellow line will appear to indicate the modification:

If you made an error, simply press the 'Reset' button, and it will display the original configuration:


After you have made all the necessary adjustments, click "Save" to apply the new settings to the device.