Table of content:
Step 1: Creating a Bever account
Step 2: Installing & login in the Bever App
Step 3: Authorizing & adding a device to a network
Step 4: Adding devices to a group and sensor sharing
Step 5: Device settings

Bever App - Assigning a smart license
Bever App - Creating a site and assigning a map
Bever App - Video Guide sensor sharing
Bever App - Service Partner 

Step 1 - Device Selection:

From our recently created network, start by choosing devices to associate with a specific group. 

This forms the basis for accurate site creation.

Step 2 - Device Information:

Click and hold selected devices to select them, press the three dots and click on create new site.

Proceed by providing essential information: site name for identity and site address for geographical context. 

Step 3 - Map Assignment:

Navigate to 'maps,' click the three dots, and select 'assign map', upload a picture detailing the layout of your designated space.

Locate and press the padlock icon, ensuring it's in the unlocked position.


Step 4 - Device Placement:

Click and hold the device(s) you are mapping, then execute a smooth dragging action to position them accurately within the site layout.

Once all devices are mapped, proceed to save your configuration. Click the padlock icon to lock your configuration. This step marks the completion of the mapping process.