Table of content:
Step 1: Creating a Bever account
Step 2: Installing & login in the Bever App
Step 3: Authorizing & adding a device to a network
Step 4: Adding devices to a group and sensor sharing
Step 5: Device settings

Bever App - Assigning a smart license
Bever App - Creating a site and assigning a map
Bever App - Video Guide sensor sharing
Bever App - Service Partner 

When you are a service partner in the app, you can quickly perform service maintenance for a different company. This option is only available for selected parties who conduct on-site maintenance, and it allows for a quick change of company details.

To impersonate a partner within the app, you can navigate to 'Settings':

Click on 'Impersonate Partner' and then select the company for which you would like to perform the configuration:

If the company does not exist yet, you can create a new company.

This manual is subjected to change and is work in progress. Further information will be updated soon.