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Order delivery - Bever Dashboard
Getting started - Bever Dashboard
Price management - Bever Dashboard

EOS Connected Migration - Bever Dashboard
Deleting Account - Bever Dashboard 

Price management

Create a new display price

  • Go to Price Managment.
  • Create display price.

  • Make a Description for the new display price.
  • Select a site.
  • Set price.
  • Set Display type (Charging price/Fuel price/etc.).
  • Set place where the dot needs to come.
  • Set price index on display
  • Choose 'company wide' to set this for all company sites

On save you are redirected to display price overview and here you can click on the new display price to select and edit your display price. 

On select you can also choose if the price needs to be updated with the next sync or schedule at a coming date. 

Now u can see the upcoming price changes by "scheduled changes'.