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The Bever Dashboard, a powerful platform designed for the control and management of all your smart devices while making valuable data accessible. Whether you are utilizing smart bridges, smart fixtures or the Bever Innovations App on Android, iOS, Windows, or MacOS, this manual will guide you through the process of efficiently harnessing the platform's capabilities.

To begin your journey with the Bever Dashboard, you must first obtain access by creating an account. To do this, kindly get in touch with your dedicated Sales representative, who will assist you in setting up your account credentials.


Once you've gained access to the dashboard and logged in, the first page provides a comprehensive overview of your controlled devices. This overview includes data such as sites, the status of monitored devices and any warnings that may require your attention.

The left side of the dashboard is used to navigate. The menu options displayed here may vary depending on the user's rights and licenses. Users with specific permissions will see different options tailored to their roles, ensuring that each user has access to the tools and features relevant to their responsibilities.

Example of a Basic userExample of a Advanced user


With the Bever Dashboard, you have a versatile platform that puts you in control of your managed devices, trusted services partners and provides clear visibility of essential data. This platform simplifies processes, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact our support team.