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We are constantly innovating, and that's why we've replaced the 'EOS dashboard' with the new and improved Bever Dashboard.

What's new and changed?

- 'Prices' are now 'Price management': Here you will be able to change the prices and/or info on your smart displays. 

- 'Screens' are now 'Content management' Here you can organize the content of your smart display. 

- 'Maps' is decoupled from 'Files': For a streamlined experience, we've separated 'Maps' from 'Files'. To ensures a clear organization of data.

- 'Network and groups' is decoupled: In the overview, we've separated the network and groups from each other. This provides a better organized view of both aspects.

What's under development

- Statistics is currently in development.

Soon, you'll find even more valuable information here.

We hope these changes enhance the dashboard's usability and help you work more efficiently. 

Stay tuned for further updates and developments in the Bever Dashboard!

If you have any questions or If you need any further assistance assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact our support team.