This article describes how to change the basic settings on your LS03 Downlight. 
Before you can do this, you have to make sure you have an account on the Bever Innovations Portaand you have downloaded the Bever App

1. Start the Bever App on your iOS or Android device or on your Mac or PC and login with your credentials. 

The App will start searching for compatible Bever Innovations Smart devices. 
once they are found, open the network.

If the device is not yet in a network, please add it to a network first

if you are connecting to the device for the first time, the app will ask you te perform a power cycle: 

2. Tab the devices tile to open the settings. 

3. Tab "get data" to download the current settings from the device

4. Change any of the settings, Changed settings will turn yellow. 

5. Tab "save" to make the new settings active. 

6. Close the app or change other settings if needed.