This manual describes how to add the RF module to an IC-U

Recommended tools:

• ESD Field service kit / ESD wrist band

• Phillips head screw driver

Disconnect the power before caring out any work.

The pictures used in this manual may differ from the actual parts used and are for reference only.

1. Open the IC-U by removing the 4 screws

2. Remove on each side of the IC-U the two outer push-in rivets.

3. Place the new RF card on the indicated headers


4. place back the screen en fix it with the four push-in rivets.


5 .Close the IC housing and place the RF antenna adequately.

The antenna may not be placed directly onto metal frames.
Also make sure no metal objects are in line of sight between the I-C antenna and the Sign Controller antenna.
Place the Sign Controller antenna in line of the antenna of the IC/IC-U