The Communicator D4i Dongle allows you to integrate any power supply that can controlled by D4i into your existing Smart network. 

Table of Contents

Placement Considerations

The Communicator D4i Dongle should always be in range of your Smart network, e.g., have a good RF connection to at least one of the Smart devices in your network. The Communicator D4i Dongle has an optimized internal antenna. The two main factors influencing the quality of the RF connection are the distance between the Communicator Volt and closest Smart device, and obstacles blocking the direct line-of-sight between them. For example, a metal enclosure will result in a worse RF performance as compared to a plastic housing.

Status Indicator

On the circuit board of the Communicator Volt a status indicator is visibile when powered on. The table below shows the possible colors of this indicator with the according status message.

OFFNo power; check power supply voltage
REDInternal failure; contact Bever Innovations
GREENNormal operation
YELLOWConfiguration mode (connected to tablet/phone)