The Communicator DD (2CH) Dongle allows you to integrate any power supply that provides an auxiliary 12V DC power supply and can be controlled by a Digital Dimming command into your existing Smart network . Up to two channels per device are supported (CH1, CH2) by the Communicator DD Dongle. An 3-pin Amphenol X-Lok Mini Series is used to connect to the power supply.

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Placement Considerations

The Communicator DD Dongle should always be in range of your Smart network, e.g., have a good RF connection to at least one of the Smart devices in your network. The Communicator DD Dongle has an optimized internal antenna. The two main factors influencing the quality of the RF connection are the distance between the Communicator DD Dongle and the closest Smart device, and obstacles blocking the direct line-of-sight between them.

Connections and Interfaces

Below is an overview of the Communicator DD Dongle connector. The connector snaps easily into its counterpart once you line up the two arrows. You can disconnect the Communicator DD Dongle by turning the collar a few degrees counter-clockwise and pull away from the connected power supply.
After installation, make sure to configure the Communicator DD Dongle in such way it integrates with your Smart network.

1Digital Dimming (Dim+)
12V Power Supply (Vaux)
Ground (Dim-)


Status Indicator (optionally)

On the circuit board of the Communicator DD Dongle a status indicator might be visibile when powered on. This indicator is not visible from the outsdide The table below shows the possible colors of this indicator with the according status message.

OFFNo power; check power supply voltage
REDInternal failure; contact Bever Innovations
GREENNormal operation
YELLOWConfiguration mode (connected to tablet/phone)