The Communicator Volt (1-10V) allows you to integrate any power supply that provides an auxiliary 12V DC power supply and accepts an 0-10V input into your existing Smart network. In this article we take the Hortilux Top Sirius G2 0-10V as an example. The Communicator Volt receives an 12V DC supply from the Sirius control gear.

Table of Contents

Placement Considerations

The Communicator Volt should always be in range of your Smart network, e.g., have a good RF connection to at least one of the Smart devices in your network. The Communicator Volt has an optimized internal antenna. The two main factors influencing the quality of the RF connection are the distance between the Communicator Volt and closest Smart device, and obstacles blocking the direct line-of-sight between them. For example, a metal enclosure will result in a worse RF performance as compared to a plastic housing. 

Connections and Interfaces

Below is an overview of the Communicator Volt. After installation, make sure to configure the Communicator Volt in such way it integrates with your Smart network. Optionally, the Communicator Volt is available with two output channels (CH1, CH2).

TerminalFunctionWire Color (Hortiled)
+12VDC SourceBlack/White
->Dim (+)Purple
-Dim (-)Grey

Installation Steps

Important notice; switch off mains prior to installation!

  1. Open junction box of the Communcator Volt.
  2. Remove crimp cap from Dimming cable Hortiled Sirius fixture.
  3. Strip outer sheath of the cable approximately 30mm.
  4. Place cable trough the cable gland inside the junction box.
  5. Place wires into connector. Press connector cover down. See diagram below.

  6. Tighten cable gland and close junction box.

Attention; Magnetic switches of the electrical control panel should be set always ON, as the fixtures are desired to be wireless controlled. Complete shut-down of the system can only be achieved by using the magnetic switches, since the fixtures can be max. dimmed down to 10%.

Status Indicator

On the circuit board of the Communicator Volt a status indicator is visibile when powered on. The table below shows the possible colors of this indicator with the according status message.

OFFNo power; check power supply voltage
Normal operation, device in full power
REDInternal failure; contact Bever Innovations
GREENNormal operation, device in dimmed power
YELLOWConfiguration mode (connected to tablet/phone)