• Remove the lid. Mount the enclosure to the wall. 
  • Connect the mains cable to a suitable mains connector.  
  • Setup internet connection:
    • If a wired connection is used, feed the ethernet cable through the center gland and connect it to the ETHERNET 1 port.
    • - or -
    • Insert SIM card into SIM slot if a cellular connection is used. The card should have ‘microSIM’ (3FF) format. The SIM card should be activated and unlocked (no PIN code required).


  • Optionally: if connection to an IC(-U) or Sign Controller is required, connect the cable to the RS422 connector. Connect the other side of the cable to the IC(-U) or Sign Controller.
  • Turn on mains. Wait a minute for the bridge to boot up. 
  • Open the EOS Manager app on your phone and configure the bridge if necessary. By default a wired ethernet connection is used. If a mobile connection is required, enable the ‘Use cellular’ setting first.
  • The status LED indicates the connection to EOSConnected:



Steady red

Ethernet cable disconnected.

Blue / Red

Cable connected but no IP lease obtained. Static network configuration required, or DHCP problems.

Green / Red

Connected to network, EOSConnected unreachable. Possible DNS or Firewall problems.


Steady green

Connected to EOSConnected.