On the Customer Portal there are 2 way that documents are added with Articles.

The description of the document version indicates the following.

  1. Initials of the author of the document (optional).
  2. Date of the document (YY/MM/DD).
  3. Version number, which is either after date description or mentioned seperatly below date description.

Document is added to the article as a link:

Documents that are subjected to changes are added as a link. This will ensure that the latest document version will be available for you to read or to downloaded.

  • With older documents, the version number is mentioned at the bottom of each the pages. Like example below:

  • With newer documents the version of the document can be found on the last page. Like example below:

Document is added directly in the article itself:

Documents that are added to the article itself are not subjected to change. A version number is added to the document though and can be found on the last page. Like example below.