The Bever innovations Tech support team uses the application Splashtop SOS to remotly assist client(s) on their devices when experiencing difficulties with the EOS Manager/beverApp. The App is available for Android/IOS/Windows/MAC.

In case remote assistance is requested and approved by Bever innovations we suggest that installing the SplashTop SOS app is done prior to the remote assistance.

You can download the app here and select the version that matches with you Operating system.

Below you'll find a step by step instruction for the installatin of Splashtop SOS on an Android device.

At the first start of the App a few actions require your attention in order to let the App work properly. These required actions are marked in Yellow. Most actions are related to granting access to the device. See below. 

A popup will ask for permission getting access to the storage.


Next action is to configure the remote accessibility for remote control. When finished make sure the Service is ON

Last action is related to Samsung devices. These require an additional Add-on to be installed in order to let Splashtop work properly.

After installation you have to grant a few requests and activate it.

Last action inside the SplashTop SOS app is to adjust the service region. By default this is set to Global. In order to make the app work you need to adjust "Global" to European Union".

After the above actions are done, you should see that the App indicates it is ready for connection and a 9 digit number is given in the screen.

Below a PDF document to downlioad the above article.