Change Notification I-Control Touchpad Responsiveness.


Due to availability and delivery problems we were obliged to replace a component in the I-control that is responsible for the functionality of the touchpad.


This resulted in the fact that, the touch sensitivity, responsiveness and speed of the touchpad has changed. As a user you may experience this as less comfortable and reliable operation of the I-control remote.


What you may experience:

  1. With the above it can occur that the I-Control may not beep when touch presses are entered to quickly on the touchpad. The signal towards the display system is send and processed. It is therefore important to monitor your action on the Display system.
  2. You may also get the impression that the I-Control responded to a keypress  even though you didn’t touch the touchpad. This can indeed occur when you haven’t lift your fingers far enough from the touchpad after a keypress.


How can you prevent above:

  1. Keypresses on the touchpad must not be entered any quicker then 2 press per second. In case the beep is still missed occasionally, you may decrease to 1 keypress per second.
  2. Make sure that you lift your fingers far enough from the touchpad when operating the I-Control remote. Distance of approximately 1cm between the touchpad and your finger is sufficient enough.

The above is applicable to I-controls with a production date of 2421 (wk24/Y2021) and later. The production date can be checked on the rear of the I-Control remote. 

Afbeelding met tekst, ontvangstbewijs, teken

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We are aware that this is not optimal and we apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. You will be informed again as soon as we have found a final solution to solve this issue. 

 Below a PDF version for download.