With the New Sign controller firmware some great new features are added to the I-Catcher display system. This new firmware is included in systems produced after June 2020.

  • A new brightness control is implement which improves the light output control of our Displays. 
  • The behavior for changing the system mode from Auto to User mode is adjusted and placed in the “SET” option of the system.  

It is possible to identify whether your system is equipped with the new firmware or with the old firmware.

When the text AUTO or USER is shown by the top display, but doesn't blink, then you have the new firmware (v3.4.2+). This means that you need to take a new method in order to change the system mode.

  • With the new firmware, the top display shows AUTO or USER.

The correct methode can be here

  • With the old firmware, the top display starts blinking with AUTO or USER.

The correct method for using the I-Control with the older firmware (up to V2.6.6.x) can be found here.