This document describes the available configuration items of an Ambiente EOS2 as shown in the data slider of the EOS Manager. 


Data slider 

Figure 1 shows the configuration data slider for an Ambiente. The amount of tabs depends on the user level of the logged in user, e.g., the advanced tab is only available for advanced EOS Managers. Every item in the list can have different colors: - Grey: data is not yet downloaded from device. Please press get data. - Blue: data is available and ready to be edited. - Yellow: Manually changed setting. Please press apply to upload to device - Red: This item cannot be change due to missing packages. Please enable the related package on the device to be able to change the configuration item. 


 Figure 1: Data slider

The following tables gives an overview of all basic configuration items for an Ambiente EOS2:


The following table gives an overview of all advanced configuration items for an Ambiente EOS2:

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